Exchange Q&A: Exchange Administration (9)

1.What is hierarchical address book in Exchange Online?

The hierarchical address book (HAB) allows users to look for recipients in their address book using an organizational hierarchy.

2.What parameter is used to specify the order in which the recipients or groups are displayed in the HAB?

The parameter SeniorityIndex, for example:

100 for Bill Gates

50 for Steve Ballmer

25 for Satya Nadella

3.How many ways to move messages to the archive mailbox?

  • Move or copy messages manually;
  • Move or copy messages using Inbox rules;
  • Move messages using retention policies;
  • Import messages from .pst files.

4.How exclude the archive while using the Exchange Management Shell to create a discover search?

Using the switch of DoNotIncludeArchive

5.What is In-Place eDiscovery?

If an organization adheres to legal discovery requirements, In-Place eDiscovery in Exchange Server can help them perform discovery searches for relevant content within mailboxes.

6.What actions authorized  users can do after the search is complete?

  • Estimate search results;
  • Preview search results;
  • Copy search results;
  • Export search results.

7.How to find Email sent by or sent to anyone at Contoso,Ltd,?

specify **** in the From or the To/cc field in the EAC, or

specify **** in the Senders or Recipients parameters in the Exchange Management Shell.

8.What logical operators we can use on the keywords section when we selected filter based on criteria?

AND, OR and NOT,

9.What are the options when we copy search results to a discovery mailbox?

  • Include unsearchable items;
  • Enable de-duplication;
  • Enable full logging;
  • Send me mail when the copy is completed.

10.Which two types of logging available for In-Place eDiscovery searches?

  • Basic logging: includes information about the search and who performed it;
  • Full logging: includes information about all messages returned by the search.

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