Exchange Q&A: Exchange Administration (8)

1.How to create a Accept Domain?

Authoritative Domain:

New-AcceptedDomain -Name “Contoso Corp” -DomainName -DomainType Authoritative

Internal Relay Domain:

New-AcceptedDomain -Name “Contoso Corp” -DomainName -DomainType InternalRelay

External Relay Domain:

New-AcceptedDomain -Name “Contoso Corp” -DomainName -DomainType ExternalRelay

2.How to Modify accepted domains?

Using the Set-AcceptedDomain cmdlet with the following switches:







3.How to remove Accepted Domains?

Using the Remove-AcceptedDomain cmdlet with the Identity option.

4.What are the basic components of an email Address policy?

  • Email Address templates: contains the address type and the address format;
  • Recipient filter: two basic options of precanned recipient filters and custom recipient filters;
  • Priority.

5.How to prevent individual recipients from being affected by email address policies?

Using Set-Mailbox or Set-DistrobutionGroup with the EmailAddressPolicyEnabled to the value false

6.What role are required to place a mailbox on Litigation hold or In-Place Hold?

The Legal Hold management role. If create a query-based In-Place Hold, we must also assigned the Mailbox Search role.

7.How to place a mailbox Litigation Hold using the Exchange Management Shell?

Run the following command:

Set-Mailbox -LitigationHoldEnabled $true -LitigationHoldDuration 365

8.How to place a mailbox In-Place Hold using the Exchange Management Shell?

New-MailboxSearch “InPlaceHoldTest” -SourceMailboxes “” -InPlaceHoldEnabled $true

9.How to remove an In-Placed Hold?

Set-MailboxSearch “InPlaceHoldTest” -SourceMailBoxes “” -InPlaceHoldEnable $false; Remove-MailboxSearch “InPlaceHoldTest”

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