Exchange Step By Step: Install Exchange 2016 coexisting with Exchange 2010

In the previous article, we installed Exchange 2010, now, we’ll continue install Exchange 2016 coexisting with Exchange 2010. Let’s go.

1. Set statics IP on Windows Server 2016, and point the DNS server address to the domain controller who contains DNS Service. 

2. Join domain. 

3. Add Windows Feature RSAT-ADDS 

4. Install .NET Framework 4.7.2 

5. To achieve coexisting with 2016, please update Exchange 2010 (each of the server roles) to SP3. 

Install SP3 on HTS and CAS Machine using GUI Wizard: 

Install SP3 on Mailbox Server Machine using command line: 

While installing SP3 on Mailbox Server, it says that I need to install Office Filter Pack, I remember that I already downloaded installation pack before, but I might be forgot to install it on this Mailbox Server, and now I’ll install it. 

6. Prepare schema. 

7. Prepare AD. 

8. Prepare domain. 

9. Install Exchange 2016 Mailbox Server Role using GUI wizard. 

While I attempted to install Exchange Server Role, the wizard pointed what are the prerequisites that this machine lack of, and provided the URL that pointed where could I download them from. I downloaded and installed the lacked prerequisites, and tried again. 

If anything goes well, it would installed with no problem.


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