Exchange Step By Step: Migrate Public Folder Mailbox to another database

In this article, we’ll introduce how to migrate Public Folder Mailbox to another database, here are the experinces while I’m doing that, hope this would help you, the steps are below:

1. Create a new database. 

2. Restart Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service. 

3. Try to move, and failed. 

First consider: permission problems 

4. To move mailbox, we need to get Organization Management permission and recipient Management permission. 

Check for who was delegated as Org Management. 


Check for who was delegated as Recipient Management. 


So let me delegated Administrator as Recipient Management Role. 

4. Edit Recipient Management Role. 

6. Add Administrator to Role members 

7. Try again: 

8. Check if we migrated the Public Folder Mailbox successfully: 



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