Exchange Step By Step: Perform a mailbox search

In this article, I’ll show my process to perform the testing to search mailbox as an Exchange administrator, here are the steps.

1. Login to OWA with User 1, then create two new mails and send them to User Two. 

2. Create a role group namerd “Search Mailbox”, add Administrator (it’s me) to members and delegated permission with Mailbox Search and Mailbox Import Export. 

3. Re-Login Exchange Management Shell, and check for the permission of Search-Mailbox. 


4. Now, let’s search for the content of Mail 1 test from User One to User Two and delete it. 

It should be a mail subject as Hi 1 here, but it is not, so we succeed deleted it. 

5. Now, we’ll going to search for the mail that contains the words of “Mail 2 test” which the User Two received, and move it to Administrator’s Inbox. 

So, let’s check Administrator’s Inbox. 

Brilliant, we did it.


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